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Tutoring Positions Open for Credentialed Teachers

Are you a current or retired credentialed teacher wanting to change students' lives in a tutoring role? If so, please consider applying for Lemonade Education's open AP tutor positions Nationwide. We don't just tutor, we inspire. Our online, 1-on-1, and small group sessions equip promising students with strategies, skills, and performance to succeed on their AP, ACT, and DSAT/SAT exams. Teachers who work with us empower students to boost their confidence, and they love watching them grow in their learning. If you have experience transforming students into excellent learners and people, this role may be right for you.
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Uplifting Students

Join Our Team

We're looking for that special kind of teacher. You know the one. The kind that greets their class every morning with a big smile and warm demeanor. The kind that rewards progress and achievements with high-fives and hugs. The kind that's not afraid to make jokes or take jokes from their budding students. The kind that always fights for and uplifts students, regardless of their academic standing. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you. Catering to our students' needs, goals, and best interests is at the heart of what we do.
What to Expect

Here’s What You’ll Get To Do in This Role

Encourage Students

Students need encouragement to stay motivated. In this role, you'll get to provide students with the shout-outs and praises they need to stay confident.

Support Growth

Keeping track of student progress is crucial to this role. You'll get to monitor progress and provide strategies for improvement, growing the student in their education and life.

Do What You Love

Do you feel that teaching is your calling? If so, you'll get to express your passion and nurture the next generation of learners.
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