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Our teachers and TAs are here to support your student's success from day one. We offer 1-on-1 instructions and small group sessions. Our tutors are passionate educators who love watching students grow from beginner mentees to enthusiastic, engaged learners who take control of their education. Your student will receive comprehensive instruction and the confidence needed to succeed in their academics.
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1-on-1 Tutoring

Personalized for Your Student

Every student has unique educational goals to achieve. From passing finals to getting into their dream college, preparation is everything. That's why we provide 1-on-1 tutoring for each student served. Your student's tutor will focus exclusively on their needs during their 1-on-1 sessions, offering guidance and knowledge for their AP and general high school exams. Empowering students and inspiring their confidence is essential to our work.
About Our Program

Helping Students Thrive in High School and Beyond

AP Classes and Exams

Our tutors specialize in advising on all major AP subjects and help students currently enrolled in or trying to qualify for AP courses.

General Subjects

English. Math. Science. You name it. From concrete to abstract concepts, we make high school learning easier to comprehend.

STEM Courses

We make students excited to learn about the sciences and technology. We prepare students to adapt and grow in these constantly changing fields.

Summer Bridge Classes

Our bridge classes give students a head-start on their college coursework. We'll prepare them over their high school career so they can start college with an advantage.

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