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With Lemonade Education, preparing for college is enjoyable and rewarding! Our DSAT/SAT tutors Nationwide offer individualized tutoring and exam prep, giving students more power, choice, and opportunities for their education. Our plans are comprehensive and equip students to answer their evidence-based reading and writing and math questions with self-assurance. We aim to build students up as learners and individuals, nurturing their abilities and skills so they're fully prepared for testing. From the first practice test to test day, our credentialed tutor will constantly reaffirm to your student that they can achieve greatness during their exam.

We tailor a unique learning plan based on student results. Students will take periodic practice assessments using our digital testing tool so they can build confidence along the way.

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Simple Exam Preparation

We'll make it easy to help your child navigate the DSAT/SAT exam. Our tutors work with students to ensure students understand the test and the main concepts with plenty of practice. Instruction is individualized to areas of need using frequent assessment that mirrors the content students will see on the actual tests. Our goal is for Lemonade students to arrive at the test confident and ready to do their best.

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Reach Your DSAT/SAT Score With Confidence

Practice DSAT/SAT Tests

We offer practice DSAT/SATs to help students decide if taking the DSAT/SAT is truly the best option for getting into their college of choice.

Baseline Score Setting

Setting goals is crucial to success. We'll help your student establish a realistic and achievable baseline DSAT/SAT score that matches their college requirements.

Summer Tutoring

If your student is planning on taking the DSAT/SAT at a later date, we'll work with them throughout the summer to achieve the score they need.

Customized Planning

We develop tutoring plans that work for students and parents. Your plan will fit seamlessly with your student's goals and timeline and your budget.

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