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At Lemonade Education, developing testing skills is only one part of a student's success. They also need confidence that they can tackle their exam head-on. We provide ACT tutors Nationwide who prepare students from start to finish. Our customized and comprehensive tutoring equips students with the skills and critical thinking necessary to earn their best score. We meet students where they're at and grow them into motivated, thriving learners.
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ACT exams require much patience and focus. They take three hours to complete, with an additional 35 minutes if the student chooses to write the optional essay. And, unlike the DSAT/SAT, the ACT has a dedicated science section! In a nutshell, students can face challenging obstacles and stressors during the exam. As passionate, caring professionals, we want your student to stay calm and feel great while taking their tests. We guide students on everything from recalling answers to test questions to handling their stress and anxiety. We'll boost the self-esteem your student needs to shine on test day.

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Practice Tests

You only know once you try. That's why we offer ACT practice tests to help students decide whether the setup is right for them.

Baseline Scores

Whether your student needs a perfect 36 score or lower, we'll get them there. We set baseline scores during practice testing to focus students' efforts and practice.

Personalized Instruction

Every student is unique. Our personalized approach will adhere to your student's specific learning style and goals.

Credentialed Teachers

Our instructors are licensed, certified teachers with over 90% passing rates. They know precisely how to speak to, act toward, and engage students.

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