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Academic Tutoring for College Bound Students

If you're an independent educational consultant, school district, or educational technology provider that wants to boost students' success and enhance their educational experience, Lemonade Education wants to partner with you. We provide virtual A.P. tutors nationwide to empower students in their learning. We are a strategic partner specializing in individualized tutoring for A.P. exams, DSAT/SATs, ACTs, and general coursework. All our tutors are credentialed educators who are experts in their respective fields and have over 90% pass rates. We'll provide your students with direct, 1-on-1 instruction and connection so they can thrive in their academic careers.
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Measuring Success

Partnering With Educators and Leaders

Our company was founded by former and current admissions staff and IECs to help educators needing advanced support. As educators ourselves, we understand how diligently IECs and edtech companies work for their students and families. We have first-hand experience with fostering students in their education and use our skills, knowledge, and strategies to help our partners. We provide engaging, insightful course instruction and guidance to students, equipping them to handle their most rigorous exams with confidence. Your students will be fully prepared to score high on their exams and able to take control of their learning.
Why Work With Lemonade

Here's What We Can Offer Your Students

1-on-1 Tutoring

Students receive personalized 1-on-1 instruction from credentialed educators who are skilled in their areas of focus.

AP Exam Expertise

Our tutors prepare students for their A.P. exams. They provide targeted, specialized guidance on subjects like AP biology, calculus, and history.

Academic Mastery

Our courses are comprehensive and give students a complete understanding of their subjects, enabling them to succeed in their current and future education.

Virtual Convenience

We make education convenient by providing virtual tutoring, allowing students to receive guidance and instruction from virtually anywhere.

Built to Partner

We have the utmost respect for the hard work and determination of IEC educators. We were founded to partner with them and improve education for their practices and students.
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