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Guiding Student Success With ACT & DSAT/SAT Practice Tests

Improving student performance and confidence through practice is critical. Lemonade Education offers ACT and DSAT/SAT practice tests to students with item level guidance to help them focus on key learning areas. We work with students 1-on-1 and guide them through each test to help them determine which is best for their skills and preferences. We can provide practice for students preparing for an upcoming exam or assess results for those who've already taken their test and want improvement. We'll partner with your student to determine a baseline score they want to hit or exceed on their actual test, enabling them to focus on their goals.
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Which Test Is Best for Your Student?

We offer practice ACT and DSAT/SAT exams to students to help them determine which one they'd prefer to take. Though both exams are nationally standardized and accepted by colleges, they also have key differences. For example, the ACT contains an optional essay section that is not on the DSAT/SAT. Further, the exams' scoring and time allotted for completing sections differ. Your student should take the exam with which they feel most comfortable to boost their chances of getting into their ideal college. By trying both exams, your student will learn which will work best to achieve their goals.
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Get Ready for the Big Exam

We offer college test prep year round. It is best to schedule a practice exam well in advance of your planned test date so you can have ample time to get 1-on-1 support where needed. Our automated test platform gives students results as soon as they have completed their exam. Here are the official test dates:


May 4, 2024  •  Register by Apr 19

June 1, 2024  •  Register by May 17

Aug 24, 2024  •  Register by Aug 9

Oct 5, 2023  •  Register by Sep 20

Nov 2, 2024  •  Register by Oct 18

Dec 7, 2024  •  Register by Oct 22

Mar 8, 2025  •  Register by Feb 21

May 3, 2024  •  Register by Apr 18

Jun 7, 2025  •  Register by May 22

ACT Official Test Dates

June 8, 2024  •  Register by May 3

July 13, 2024  •  Register by Aug 79

Sep 14, 2024  •  Register by May 3

Oct 26, 2024  •  Register by Sep 20

Dec 14, 2024  •  Register by Nov 8

Feb 8, 2025  •  Register by Jan 3

Apr 5, 2025  •  Register by Feb 28

June 14, 2025  •  Register by May 9

July 12, 2025  •  Register by June 6

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