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The credentialed teachers at Lemonade Education love watching students grow and achieve success in their academic careers. As AP tutors in California, we aim to build students' confidence levels, prepare them for the next big AP, ACT, or DSAT/SAT exam, and set them up for success in the future. It's more than about scores and competency. It's also about nurturing students as individuals and recognizing their achievements. We combine comprehensive studying, practice, and instruction with welcoming, can-do attitudes. Whether your student needs extra motivation or a tutor to lift them up, we'll ensure they're ready to face test day and feel good about taking control of their education.
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Comprehensive AP Exam Prep

All successes on the AP exam begin with a plan and lots of encouragement. We provide both during our comprehensive AP strategy sessions. Students are shown a complete overview of their targeted AP test, its sections, time restrictions, and overall structure. They take practice exams to continually enhance their skills, performance, test times, and accuracy. But scoring high isn't the only goal. We also aim to make the students feel great about their progress. We encourage students by celebrating their successes and how much they've grown as people and learners since their first day of tutorship. Our strategies are intended to hit test scores and instill pride in our students.
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