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"(Our daughter) loves being able to get help in so many classes in one place at Homework Club."


"I just got 100% on the first graded math quiz and I definitely couldn't have done that without homework club." 


"I finally have a teacher that understands what they are teaching!"


"Physics actually makes sense now! And, it's fun!”


"Wow, my son really enjoyed and valued his first session. We have worked with 3 other Spanish tutors and she is a “keeper.” Thank you for providing this service."


"This is the first night that I don't feel stressed about my school. I have all my homework done."


"I did get several text messages from (my son) saying how great and helpful Homework Club was and how much better he feels so thank you so very much."


"She is enjoying (her online AP Biology class) and grasping the concepts pretty well... but it is extremely time consuming; the Lemonade classes are helping to augment that."


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