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Performing and Visual Arts Audition/Portfolio Creation

15% of the college application for VPA students involves the audition or portfolio. Taught by Ed Schoenberg, a recognized leader in the field, this 3-hour webinar will help students prepare to apply to art programs and discover the many pathways that students who are considering pursuing an arts degree can follow. 

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College Writing Workshop

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for new college students is how to approach a formal paper.  Ryan Hoague, who taught AP Literature for over 20 years and worked as an adjunct at Pasadena City College, will lead a group of 4-8 students on a fast-paced, 6-week romp through the creation of a research paper, starting with generating a thesis statement, learning how to research and cite, and culminating in a complete paper.


Get ready to strengthen your writing skills and seriously impress your college professors! 

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