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Enrichment Classes

We've curated enrichment classes to provide students with an interesting way to develop skills outside of the classroom.

Enrichment Session Details

Classes will be capped at eight students and will be led by TEACHERS, not tutors.  Our

six-week classes currently enrolling include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Lemonade Education for Enrichment classes?

The Lemonade team includes the best teachers, not tutors, to work with your students. These are teachers who have spent years in the classroom. They are the best in the business at what they do and, most importanly, create classrooms that foster kindness, happiness, and excitement. You can meet our teachers on our 'Home' page.

How often and how long does each session run?

Our summer sessions run for 6 weeks. Our session dates are as follows: First Session - start week of June 14 - end week of July 23 Second Session - start week of July 5 - end week of Aug 1 Each class meeting will run for 90 minutes, once a week.

How much does an enrichment session cost?

$600 for 6, 90-minute sessions.

Does Lemonade offer 1:1 enrichment sessions?

Lemonade primarily offers small group enrichment sessions; however, we do offer limited private tutoring opportunities! Please contact us for pricing on private enrichment sessions.

How does class scheduling work?

We offer preferential scheduling for students who enroll early. Contact us to learn more and be added to our interest list.