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Study and Organizational

Skills Enrichment Class

Is your student studying long hours but still struggling in the classroom? Do they frequently lose, misplace, or forget things? Is anxiety from a hectic schedule and academic demands affecting their health? Did the switch to virtual learning derail their progress, lower morale, or hurt their confidence? We're here to help.

Study & Organizational Skills 

Session Details

We're offering six weeks of personalized, small group mentoring and academic coaching to help students with study skills, organizational functioning, and stress management. Our goal is to equip every student with a wide range of strategies to help them reach their potential and live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Some of the topics we'll cover include:

  • Strategic Studying: Creating An Effective Study Guide

  • Executive Functioning: Time Management, Prioritization, and Well-being

  • Writing Smarter, Not Harder: Efficient Note Taking

  • Beyond Cramming: Long-term Learning And Integration Of Materials

  • Acing The Test: Overcoming Test Anxiety And Testing Strategies

  • More Than Just Words: Taking Your Essay Skills To The Next Level"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Lemonade Education for a Study/Organizational Skills class?

Lemonade Education not only has some of the most talented, experienced, and personable teachers in the business, but also connections with leaders in the educational consultancy world. For our Study/Organization Skills Class we've partnered with Virtual College Counselors to provide personalized guidance and expertise in developing your student's ability to effectively engage with academic material, improve executive functioning skills, and create strategies for coping with stress. Jessica and Sawyer, the founders of Virtual College Counselors, collectively bring over a decade of experience as academic advisors, high school guidance counselors, college admissions officers, university research faculty, licensed professional counselors, certified educational planners, and independent education consultants. Their breadth of experience and depth of knowledge offer a unique opportunity for holistic student development under the guidance of mentors that value each student's academic, professional, and personal growth. You can learn more about Jessica, Sawyer, and Virtual College Counselors on their website here.

How often and how long does each session run?

Our summer session will run for 6 weeks.

How much does the study/organizational skills session cost?

$600 for 6, 90-minute sessions. Courses run once a week for 6 weeks.

How does class scheduling work?

We offer preferential scheduling for students who enroll early. Contact us to learn more and be added to our interest list.