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Online Proctored

Mock SAT/ACT Exam

Does your student need practice before their SAT/ACT exam? Lemonade offers fully proctored, online exams, which include all testing materials and same-day grading.

Upcoming SAT/ACT
Mock Exam Details

Saturday August 21st @ 9 am Pacific

Saturday September 18th @ 9 am Pacific

Saturday October 9th @ 9 am Pacific

Saturday October 23rd @ 9 am Pacific


Saturday November 20th @ 9 am Pacific

Can't make these dates? Let us know and

we can find a solution for you. 

More dates to come for later in the Winter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Lemonade Education for a mock exam?

Lemonade offers the unique service of having a proctor via Zoom guide your student through the mock exam process. This gives students a chance to experience what the testing process will feel like when they go to the in-person SAT/ACT exam. And, best of all, this service is FREE!

How long does each session run?

The session lasts as long as the actual SAT/ACT exams take. So, the mock SAT/ACT exam sessions will run for approximately 3 hours, via Zoom.

How much does a mock SAT/ACT session cost?

Lemonade offers this service for FREE!

What is the mock exam process like?

Lemonade will provide testing booklets and answer sheets via email to participants. Then, students will log on to a Zoom meeting and be guided through the exam, just as if they were in the real exam room. Each section will be timed by the proctor. Once the mock exam process is finished, students will turn in their answer sheets, and a graded score report will be returned to them via email, outlining how they performed on each section. Scores will be sent on the same day the mock exam takes place.

When will I get my mock exam results?

Lemonade offers same-day grading! Therefore, you will receive your scores via email by the end of the day in which you participated in the mock exam.