SAT/ACT Test Prep

SAT/ACT Test Prep

We offer both SAT and ACT Test Prep Classes. These classes are taught by TEACHERS, not tutors. Each class is capped at eight students and lasts for 12 weeks. Each class will cover the content and strategies important for success on the exams. Sessions will occur weekly for 90 minutes. For our class schedule, click here.


Students are expected to accomplish work outside of class time, such as practice exams and assignments, so the teacher can properly offer them feedback and support. 

To meet our amazing teachers, click here. 

For students who only need to work on a specific SAT/ACT subject area (for example, math only instruction), we can work with you to identify an appropriate option. Please contact us for pricing.

Accelerated ACT/SAT Prep 

Accelerated ACT/SAT Prep is for students whose scores are ALMOST where they want them, and who just need to brush up, learn some strategies, and get focused! In a 90-minute session each week, for six weeks, the teachers will cover the “how tos” of taking the exam.  Students choose either the SAT or ACT focus. Classes will be capped at eight students.

Our price includes a Lemonade Study Guide book, practice exams graded by Lemonade, and a comprehensive evaluation at the end of the session, outlining strengths and suggestions for continued improvement.