SAT/ACT Test Prep

We offer both SAT and ACT Test Prep Classes. These classes are taught by TEACHERS, not tutors. Each class is capped at eight students. Our fall courses are held twice per week for 90 minutes per session. Each session will last 6 weeks. Classes will cover the content and strategies necessary for success on the SAT or ACT.


Students are expected to complete work outside of class time, including practice exams and assignments, so the teacher can offer feedback and support as well as tailor the class to the needs of each individual student.


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Fall SAT Classes

  • Begins week of August 23 (in preparation for the October 2nd test date)

  • Begins week of September 26 (in preparation for the November 6th test date)

  • Begins week of October 24 (in preparation for the December 4th test date)

Fall ACT Classes

  • Begins week of September 12 (in preparation for the October 23rd test date)

  • Begins week of October 31 (in preparation for the December 11th test date)

Each of the above classes build momentum and lead up

to the indicated exam date. 

For subject-specific instruction (for example, math only) please contact us. We can work with you to accommodate your unique needs!

Our course includes all instruction and materials including books and a proctored examination graded by Lemonade. Additionally, all students are eligible for free preliminary mock examinations in order to set baselines and identify which examination best aligns with their strengths.

We offer preferential scheduling for students who enroll early - we will work with you to identify days/times that work best for your student.

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