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Virtual SAT/ACT Test Prep from from Teachers, not Tutors

In this new “test-optional” world, students have the unique opportunity to work towards a standardized test score that will set them apart. 

Tutoring Details

Students will be placed in level-appropriate groups based on a practice exam score.


Classes will be capped at eight students, and will be led by TEACHERS, not tutors.  Each 6-week session will cover the content and strategies important for success on the exams. Our price includes a Lemonade Study Guide book, and an evaluation at the end of the session, outlining strengths and suggestions for continued improvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Lemonade Education for SAT/ACT Tutoring?

At Lemonade, we hire the best teachers, not tutors, to work with your students. These are teachers who have spent years in the classroom. Some of our teachers have even proctored the SAT and ACT exams themselves. They are the best in the business at what they do, and most importanly, have classrooms that foster kindness, happiness, and excitement. You can meet our teachers on our 'Home' page.

How often and how long does each session run?

Our sessions run for 6 weeks. This is per subject, so for example, if you want both SAT Math and English, it would be 12 weeks. Each session will run for 90 minutes, once a week.

How much does an SAT/ACT session cost?

$800 per 6-week session (90 minutes per class) Price includes one SAT and/or one ACT practice test for placement purposes, graded by Lemonade, Lemonade Study Guide book (paper or electronic), six weeks of instruction from credentialed teachers, as well as a detailed and dynamic final evaluation outlining next steps for continued improvement.

Does Lemonade offer 1:1 tutoring?

Lemonade primarily offers small group tutoring sessions, however, if it is best for the student and family, we can offer 1:1 sessions! Prices will vary for these individual sessions.

What People Are Saying

"This is the first night that I don't feel stressed about my school. I have all my homework done."