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Online SAT/ACT Test Prep

We are now accepting students to prepare for their SAT or ACT tests. Our teachers offer individualized, private tutoring. 


With Lemonade, you get the same great credentialed teachers, not tutors, helping students be successful.


We provide comprehensive prep plans for both the SAT and ACT. We work with students to set baseline scores through our mock examination process. Or we will evaluate scores for students who have already taken the SAT/ACT.


As part of Lemonade’s evaluation, we can help students determine whether the SAT or ACT is a better option for them. Our test prep plans are entirely customizable as we work with you to understand the student's goals, schedule, and budget to identify a plan to prepare them for the exam of their choice.


There are test dates in June for the SAT (June 3rd) and ACT (June 9th). We frequently work with students during the summer to prepare for the late summer dates (SAT - Aug 26, ACT - Sept 9).


Call us to learn more and speak to a testing advisor

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